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Sri Lanka has a very long proud unsevered history with its preserved written records and inscriptions dating back to more than twenty five hundred years and unwritten history going many many centuries back in time. It had been ruled by the kings until recent 19th century, when the whole country was subject to the English rule by a treaturous treaty between the invading English and betraying local so-called high-office-bearers in the country at that time.

Because Sri Lanka was just a little distance (by 42 mile wide Palk Strait) below the Indian subcontinent, it has been subject to incessant barberic invasions by various races like "Solie" (they now mainly form the Tamil community in India) existed at that time in Indian subcontinent, and they had intermittently captured and ruled smaller parts of the country for some time, less or more. However, everytime there had been very great kings like Dutugemunu, Walagambha, Maha Parakum, Maha Vijayabha, Gajaba, and so on to have expelled those barberic invaders and to have rescued and developed the united country.

However, most barberic of them were the invasions by some European nations. In nearly year 1505, the Portugese invaded and captured some coastal areas of the country, and they remained here for about one and half centuries. Then, the Dutch expelled Portugese and invaded the country in a very cunning and barbarian way, and they too were able to rule some coastal areas for another one and half-centuries. Then came the English to replace the Dutch, but they were the most foxy but so-called diplomatic and systematic of all invaders so as to create internal problems among the several races within the country to disunite the people (the English used this brutal strategy in every country they had invaded, and still those countries suffer internally with civil wars and ethnic turmoils, including Sri Lanka). Isn't this the best time for Brittain to apologize publicly from these countries for all the atrocities they have committed in the colonial times? Until March 02, 1818, whole Sri Lanka was never broken and subdued to a foreign invader; however on this date the rule of the whole country was handed over to the English. Our traditional kingdom was abolished, and became a colony under British kingdom. On Februay 04, 1948, Sri Lanka got its Independance.

With the Independence (actually a little time before the Independence), Sri Lanka chose the democratic parliamentary system. But, still the head of the State was the Queen of England, and the patriots persuaded the politicians in the country to go for a republic, and as a result, Sri Lanka adopted a new republican constitution in year 1972. With that constitution coming into operation, Sri Lanka created the office of, instead of a Governor appointed by the British Queen, President who was the head of the State, but was the nominative executive head of the country. In year 1978, another republican contitution was adopted which was both a mix of presidential and parliamentary systems of government. The previously nominative exececutive was made the real executive head of the country and the head of both the State and the Government. Even today we are governed by that Constitution with several amendments added to it during this period.

Read about the State defined by the 1978 Constitution.

Personally, the Patriot believes in a democratic republican government system. Although there are many good reasons to believe that the traditional ceylonese (sri lankan) government system ruled by Kings was better in some aspects, the lack of democracy and personal liberty in such system far weighs in the negative side. The Patriot thinks any government system must enshrine the Democracy, Personal Liberty, Rule of Law, Transparency, and Self-sufficiency in basic human needs of its subjects.

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