The State of the Patriot

Every day is important, but today (4th of February, 2009) is more important because of three reasons:

  1. 61th Indepedence Day of the Democratc Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka1 falls on today.
  2. The 28th Birth day of The Patriot2 falls on today.
  3. This wiki site is officially, but somewhat hastily, launched today.

In the first place, The Patriot decided to create this wiki to moot, disseminate and discuss with the intellectuals and the general public, his opinions, visions, and dreams of bringing peace and harmony among the several races in Sri Lanka, of enshrining good governance, transparency, rule of law and better democrasy in the country; and to propose, in particular, political, administrative and other incidental measures to end the current national crisis which has plagued the whole nation for a few decades. Click on this link to read about current political system within Sri Lanka. The current system of Government of Sri Lanka is not without grave deficiencies and problems. There are a lot good points in the current Constitution of the State, but due to some problematic provisions of it, there has created many uncertainties and imbalances in the country. Taking the current situation and all possibilities, the Patriot proposes some amendments and additions to the Constitution. Click on this link to read about these proposals to change the existing system.

In the second place, The Patriot puts forward some proposals and ideas that would bring fairness and cordiality among the states in the world; and in particular, intends to discuss about amending the current United Nations (UN) system that would make it more effective, more efficient, more democratic and more diplomatic.

The Patriot would like to urge all the good people in the world and in Sri Lanka specially to come and raise their voice for a good cause, and actively involve in discussing and expressing their good wills and opinions in this wiki. You are all welcome.

This wiki is written in both English and Sinhala (සිංහල) languages.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License